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Yoder VFD is looking for a few dedicated individuals to serve the community as Volunteer Firefighters. We’re also seeking seasonal firefighters to participate in the Federal Fire Program.

No Experience Necessary

All applicants must:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be at least 16 years old for the Junior Firefighting program (with parental consent)
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent (Junior members under 18 must maintain a “C” average in all classes and provide report cards quarterly)
  • Be able to pass Federal and State background investigations
  • Be willing and able to complete over 100 hours of classroom and online training to become a full-time member*
*Auxiliary members will not need to complete the training courses.
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Membership Types


If you like to serve and give back to your community, this is for you!  We offer virtually unlimited opportunities to explore the exciting world of firefighting and the training to do it safely. Whether you only assist on the outside — or run in to the fire as others are running out — there’s plenty for everyone to do on the fireground. The training is free, but the rewards are priceless. We also offer a stipend package to include Wyoming Retirement. 


The Yoder VFD Auxiliary is a group dedicated to providing on-scene support to operational volunteers by providing food and water to keep them energized while working on extended emergency incidents. They also plan and prepare monthly member dinners, assist with Department events, and conduct fundraisers to benefit the organization. This is a new division of our department, and we are excited to see it grow.

Fire/EMS Member Requirements


All firefighter volunteer members are required to complete the basic training courses within their first year of joining the department. Extensions can be made under extraordinary circumstances with the approval of the Fire Chief. It’s important to get your certifications as quickly as possible so you can participate fully in emergency calls. There’s nothing worse than having to stand back and watch helplessly while your co-volunteers do all the driving, rescuing and firefighting.


All firefighter and EMT volunteer members are expected to participate in scheduled training. These are great team building exercises as well as opportunities to learn new skills and/or practice and perfect the ones you’ve learned in the past.

Station and Apparatus Upkeep

All firefighter members are expected to assist with the general upkeep and cleaning of the fire station and apparatus.  We don’t have a paid cleaning crew, so we expect everyone to pitch in to keep the station and apparatus clean and presentable to the public. Take pride in what you ride!

General Conduct

As a volunteer member of the Yoder VFD, you are representing the Department at all times, whether you are at the station, on a call, at home, at work, or anywhere in between. As such, you are required and expected to conduct yourself honorably to reflect positively on yourself and the Department. This includes your use of social media and any online activity, as well as in-person/public behavior.

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